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BuildZoom Premium for Residential

You wouldn’t invest your life’s savings without consulting a financial advisor, so why build without a construction consultant?

Our primary goal is to help you navigate the construction process with peace of mind. We’ll empower you to reduce risks and make informed decisions about who to hire and how to save time and money.

About our premium service

Properly preparing for a construction project can be complex, time-consuming, and full of potential pitfalls. Now imagine if you could have an expert handle all the heavy work for you?

Project Organization

Bid Management

Bid Comparison

Contract Negotiation

Property Disclosures ReviewDrawing Review 
Project Requirements Outline Roles & Responsibilities Review Project Plan Documentation Assembling the Team - (soils, as builts, lot survey, etc.)

Contractor Bid Invitations (RFP)Contractor Q&A (RFIs)Site Visit CoordinationBid Collection

Initial Bid Analysis Bid Review With Client Contractor Interviews Revised Bid Analysis NegotiationContractor Selection

Terms & Conditions NegotiationProject Requirements DocumentationContract Execution

The Kirkland family saved a total of $96k through the BuildZoom Premium value analysis process, compared to the contractors' initial pricing ($250k).

Our Value Analysis Service for the Kirkland’s Custom home remodeling

Before BuildZoom: Hired 3 contractors. First two took the $1k deposit and did not do the work. The third was a design-build firm who did the designs but 6 months late, was fired for the build. Kirkland enrolled in BuildZoom Premium and BZ worked with the owner and design-build contractor to finish the designs within one month of signing Premium

Bids for the designed scope cost $250k, which was $100k over budget.

BuildZoom worked with homeowners to reduce scope by $68k and negotiate an additional savings of $28k so that project could be completed within budget.

Budget: $150k

Location: Mountain View, CA

Scope: Whole home remodel

Highlighted Point: Value Analysis. $68 in Value Analysis to help get scope within budget

Savings:Total $96k (between Value Analysis and negotiation)

Kirkland’s Project Highlights

Value Analysis

Bid Leveling

Cost Negotiation

Contract Terms Negotiation


Our Pricing Negotiation Service for Brad

Budget: $560k

Location: Sea Cliff (San Francisco), CA

Scope: Whole Home Remodel

Highlighted Point: Pricing Negotiation. After $8k in negotiation with a BuildZoom contractor, Brad received $200k in savings as compared to the architect’s recommended contractor.

“You guys saved me $200k on hiring a GC. Our designer introduced us to her favorite GC and quietly urged us to work with him vs. doing a whole bidding process… BuildZoom helped us start from a saner place! Thanks again!” - Brad

The architect was running the bidding process but the architect’s plans were not complete enough to be able to bid off of. Before BuildZoom, the architect had introduced one recommended contractor.
After hiring BuildZoom, we introduced three other contractor options. All three were less expensive than the architect-recommended contractor. 

But bids were very spread out ($300k range between all four) because the drawings were poor and the scope was not articulated properly to the contractor by the architect.
BuildZoom organized the scope, evaluated the bids, and got them within $200k of one another, to allow the owner to make a transparent hiring decision.


Our Contract Terms Negotiation Service for John

BuildZoom introduced John to four contractors, and John already had four of his own in consideration. Eight contractors total were in consideration for the project, which was a lot for John to manage. John has a newborn baby and wanted to hire a contractor called Pro because they were communicative and thorough in their bid. But they were initially $52k higher than the lowest bidder.
BuildZoom analyzed the bids and determined that when the scope was apples-to-apples, the low bid and Pro were only $23k apart. Then BuildZoom negotiated Pro down an additional $16k. That made the low bidder and Pro only $7k different.

Budget: $300K

Location: Miraloma (San Francisco), CA

Scope: Home remodel and ADU addition

Highlighted Point: Contract Terms Negotiation. Among other contract changes, BuildZoom negotiated the addition of several clauses to John's contract to hold Pro accountable to completing the project within the agreed-upon timeline.

Savings: $48K

Build Your Business On Time and Under Budget

Whether you’re planning a new office space or opening a boutique, BuildZoom’s premium service for commercial buildings will set you up for success. We’ll help ensure that your project is completed on-time and under budget, so you can focus on what really matters: your business.

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