Grow your business with high quality projects from BuildZoom

Our clients tell us their project needs and we send those projects to our network of awesome contractors.

Project referrals are free. You only pay us when you get hired.

What is BuildZoom?

Vetted high quality projects
Project referrals are free
Only pay a small percentage based referral fee when you get hired
As a mediator
we have your back

How does BuildZoom work?

We send you high quality and actionable projects
We have millions of homeowners in every city who need help with their projects.
You connect with the client
Call the homeowner as soon as possible or send a message. If there's more information you need on a project, get in touch with BuildZoom.
Submit your
best bid
Submit your best bid when you think the project is a good fit. Our best contractors usually get hired by delivering their estimates in person and explaining the documents to the homeowner.
Project referrals are free
We only get paid if you get hired
The more you get hired, the more projects we can send you. We only make money when you do via a percentage based referral fee.

How can you win BuildZoom jobs and keep getting more projects?

Be fast
  • Call or message the homeowner as soon as possible. Our research shows 82% of job hires start with a prompt phone call.
  • Contact BuildZoom ASAP if you need more information on a project.
Don't give up
  • Homeowners can be difficult to get ahold of. Don't give up! As a rule of thumb, it can take three tries to successfully connect.
  • Sometimes projects come back to life days or weeks after initial contact. Keep trying until you get a no!
Meet in person
  • Studies show that meeting in-person makes it 4 times more likely that you'll get hired!
  • Bring a portfolio of your work and references from peers
  • First impressions count!
Give high quality estimates
  • Estimates tailored to specific projects are 68% more likely to get you hired
    Characteristics of a high quality bid include:
  • A professional template
  • License / Bond / Insurance information
  • A personal note recapping how you'll tackle the project
  • As much detail as possible, including items like labor and materials
Build a winning profile
  • Keep all license, bond and insurance information up to date
  • Add high quality photos
  • Get reviews from previous customers
  • Make sure the services you provide on your profile are concise and up to date
Keep your account in good standing
  • We operate on a good faith basis. Tell us when you get hired and we can send you more projects
  • You tell us when you get hired
  • Pay the referral fee by credit card as soon as possible
  • Paying on time helps us to send you even more projects
  • No minimums. No monthly fees. No hidden costs.